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bulletStop Paying Unnecessary Capital Gains Tax:
REALTEX will convert the Taxable sale of your investment property into an Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange.

bulletThe Exchange:
When you sell Business or Investment Realty, you normally pay Capital Gains Tax. This occurs regardless of how quickly you purchase replacement property with the sale proceeds. You may pay nearly 20% of the gain as Federal Tax. State Tax may also be due.

Wise investors utilitze Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code to defer the payments of this tax. Section 1031 permits you, the investor, to Exchange Business or Investment Realty and NOT Pay Captial Gains Tax until a later date, if at all. As a result, a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange is a very popular and powerful Tax-Saving device.

bulletNationwide Service:
REALTEX will complete your Exchange regardless of the location of the Exchange Properties. REALTEX has assisted clients to convey and aquire Investment Realty throughout the United States and the Virgin Islands.

bulletREALTEX is an Industry Leader:
Realtex has assisted in the completion of thousands of Tax Deferred Exchanges since its incorporation in 1989.

bulletWho is Ray L. Poling:
President and owner of REALTEX. Author of numerous articles on Tax Deferred exchanges, appears as a frequent lecturer on the topic, and has been invited to participate in numerous TV and radio interviews, including "All About Real Estate" with Jay Lamont on WPEN in Philadelphia, PA.


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Ray L. Poling - President


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